Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Love It When You Call Me...

Monotonous pictures of northern European architecture will be coming shortly.  For now, let's just talk about the fabulous walk that I went on earlier today.  I started at noon and finally got home around 4:00.  

First, I headed down Strøget towards Vesterbro, which is a trendy area that has recently undergone some pretty extensive urban renewal.  

I walked through Kongens Nytorv, or the King's New Square, which is beautiful little oasis in the middle of the city.  

Kongens Nytorv
Crossed some canals on my way to Vesterbro.  These canals are, for the most part, so pretty!  The water really isn't very dirty, and most of the houses that line the water are painted beautiful, vibrant colors.  

I finally ended at a gorgeous park, somewhere deep inside an unknown neighborhood (by this time I was hopelessly turned around). I got some of my writing down for a Creative Writing class I'm taking here.  

Before walking home, I made a mistake that ended up being the death of my street cred.  Whereas before changing this little, itty bitty detail I was being spoken to in Danish, afterwards there was no doubt about my nationality.  


Before I end this post, I want to give say something about Christiania.  Christiania is an old military base that some hippies and squatters took over in 1971.  They declared it a free commune and have been living there ever since.  This place is absolutely amazing.  It would never work in the U.S. because the system would be abused, but in Denmark it is ideal.  

I went down there last night for a Michael Jackson tribute concert with several djs to follow the main act.  We got there a little late and missed the main band, but still had a great time with this one dj playing enough Dr. Dre and Biggie to make my head explode.  Later in the night, it started raining, so some friends of mine and I ducked into one random tent.  There was a pretty tight group of people sitting in there and hanging out, and we got some weird looks at first.  We figured it was because we were from the States and shrugged it off.  Either way, we started talking and they invited us to stay and hang out with them.

Later, we realized that we had walked into the VIP tent and were actually hanging out with the main act that we'd missed (oops).  They were awesome guys, and apparently play just one concert a year--this year's act was the Michael Jackson cover concert.  Hey, works for me.

... But really. That dj played so. much. Biggie.