Saturday, November 19, 2011

Amsterdam's Finest Dining

Sometimes, I discover new things.  Occasionally, I really like these new things.  Rarely, these new things can be described as life-altering.

In Amsterdam, I discovered two such rare things.  People, meet Wok to Walk and Maoz.  W2W and Maoz, meet the people.

Wok to Walk is an ingenious Asian-inspired dining establishment, with one location handily positioned on the same street as my hostel (dangerous).  You have the ability to customize a dish - choosing the noodles/rice, meats, vegetables, and sauce - that is then cooked in front of you.  Just take a look at their menu and you'll see that this is the kind of place you can visit again and again to try out a variety of options.

Trust me.  I WOULD KNOW.

Wok to Walk is the place to be at 11 at night
And then there is Maoz.  Thankfully, there are currently Maoz locations in the States, namely on the East Coast and Berkeley, California.  The next time I get to D.C.... I will need my fix.  Maoz is a vegetarian falafel restauarant.  You choose to make either a salad or pita, and then have free reign over a salad bar loaded with different vegetables and salads.  Maybe this description doesn't do Maoz justice, but it's the best I can do.

Ohh, yeah.
I am seriously considering opening a Wok to Walk wherever I move after I graduate, just for a little money on the side.  I promise you it would be profitable.  Any potential business partners, just let me know.

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