Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Castles and Beer - A Natural Combination

So let’s pick this back up: day 3.  Feeling fabulous on my 8:15am bus ride.

Drive for 4 miserable, all-too-bright hours, only to arrive slightly worse for the wear in a fairytale land!!!  Complete with castle, 8 acres of gardens, butterfly garden, and lunch. 

It was so, so beautiful and a relatively nice day to be walking around.  We got a tour of the home, which is still occupied by the current baron and his family, as well as a neat private chapel that is attached.  This manor house, called Gavnø Castle, houses the single largest collection of Danish paintings in the world.  When I say the walls are practically plastered with paintings, I mean it.  And speaking of plaster, the ceilings still have the original Italian plaster work, completed in the mid-1700s.  I wanted to rip it down and attach it to my own ceilings, but apparently this is generally frowned upon in Denmark. 

Formal Dining Room
Just look at that!
After a very long and somewhat tedious tour of the castle (because really, how many paintings can you look at), I was feeling extraordinarily parched.  Imagine my pure joy when I hear that there is a microbrewery on the premises!  And we are going!  I mean, if you insist.

Feeling fully recovered from the previous night, I eagerly await the first bottle.  It comes, as does the second, and the third, and the fourth, and “would anyone like to try our most alcoholic beer?  It has a lot of hops!”  Oh, pick me sir. 

Føniks Slotsbryggeriet.  Delicious beer, as I recall.  

Back to bus.  Nighty night for an hour and a half, and then, Copenhagen!  The End of a very fun weekend full of bonding with my class.  I cannot wait to head to London with these people at the beginning of October.  


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