Monday, September 12, 2011

Landscapes from Western Denmark

I was gone all weekend on an extended field trip to Western Denmark.  We hit up some very, very remote places, some of which were cooler than others.  More soon about the trip!

For now, I'll provide a few of my pictures - lucky for y'all, my obsession with beautiful landscapes provides some nice photographs.  There were --

Long bridges: this one called the Storebæltsbroen, or "Great Belt Bridge", connecting Zealand and Funen
Fields: lots and lots of fields

Unsurprisingly, it started raining soon after this picture

Waterfront: this taken in Struer, Denmark, AKA as far from Copenhagen as possible while still remaining in Denmark

Blue, blue, blue

And other random things:

Field with a stone wall, taken outside of limestone caves
Oh-so-dark caves
Manicured lawns
and a manor house
Isn't it nice that you can't even tell it was never above 65 degrees?!  At least there was sunshine : )

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