Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ashley's How To: Blend in with the Locals

Five Simple Steps To Living Like a Copenhagen-er:

#1 Would You Like Some Rain On That Salad?

Hungry?  Go eat your lunch, but don't force yourself to stay inside... make those restaurant umbrellas serve their purpose!

#2  These Streets Are Made For Walking

Go for a jog with your BFF, bundle Baby Bjorn up and pack the stroller... whatever you do, never hesitate to take a walk outside.  After all, a little rain makes you stronger, right kid?

#3  Rainbows Only Appear When It Rains

If you must incorporate color into your wardrobe (gag), it should only be in the form of rain jackets or umbrellas.  Prepare to stand out.

#4  Living In the Hood

Covering your head is overrated.  Why miss out on a free shower?

#5  Wool, Leather and Silk, Oh My!

My personal favorite: Even though you live in one of the rainiest countries in the world, NEVER appear to own a single piece of rain gear.

Rain boots are so nouveau riche.

Cloth boots and a leather purse
Cow hide purse, leather boots and wool coat... Joe knows how to live
Soaking through boots? Why not!
Don't blame me if after following these tips people start talking to you in Danish!

Spring Break is still 6 months away...

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