Saturday, October 8, 2011

Møns Klint

Møn, Denmark: I won’t be mad if you haven’t heard of it, but I will tell you that you have seriously been missing out on views like this:

I went to my Danish roommate’s home in Stege, Denmark on the island of Møn last weekend.  It was wonderful to be a part of a family, even for one night.  It was fun to see that in spite of speaking different languages and living thousands of miles apart, moms are still moms and dads will always be dads.  Nicoline’s mom cooked an amazing meal, made up beds for everyone and fluttered around like a wonderful hostess—basically, a Danish Veronica.  Nicoline’s dad, Niels, is extremely proud of his Harley Davidson motorcycle, took us out on a beautiful boat ride, and fired up the grill… sound familiar?

On Saturday, my roommates and I explored the island together.  We hiked up the Møn White Clifs and then went down 128 meters to the shoreline below.  The cliffs are made out of chalk, with a forest like that on the Appalachian mountains growing on top and water that looks like it could be from Hawaii below.  So beautiful. 

Afterwards, we went to Liselund Castle and walked among the gardens there.  There were lots of families out and about, human and otherwise….

Finally, Niels took us out on his boat to go under the bridge that connects the island to mainland Zealand.  I have never seen water so glassy and smooth – incredible weather for a ride. 

We went home and had a wonderful meal, which took more than three hours (so Danish), then went out on the town.  Words can hardly describe the nightlife in a place with 4,000 people.  Quaint?  Quiet?  Let’s go with dully strange, yet entertaining.  And cheap. 

I am so glad that I went home with Nicoline.  It gave me some family time after a very stressful week, and reminded me why I love the city of Copenhagen so much. The best of both worlds.  

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