Saturday, October 8, 2011

Real Life?

Maybe as much a product of sleep deprivation as brain power, I had a revelation as I sat on a Scandinavian Airlines plane last Sunday.  Said revelation went something like: This is what I want. 

After having a crazy week with two midterms and minimal sleep, I took a train/bus/car on Saturday to Stege, Denmark to see the Møns Klint and stay with my Danish roommate’s family.  We stayed until Sunday morning, when we made a quick three hour trip back to Copenhagen.  I then threw my toiletries into an already packed bag and took a metro to the airport.  Two hours later I was on a plane bound for London Town.  I feel comfortable saying that I took every single mode of transportation possible in a matter of 48 hours, because I also went boating in Møn and rode a bike in London. 

As I was getting settled on the plane, I realized that if my life follows plan, I could be repeating this same type of process in a year and a half, right after graduation.  My goal at this moment is obviously a job, but more specifically one that allows me to travel and live abroad.  I love to meet people and see things, and cannot imagine agreeing to tie myself down to a desk job for 80 hours a week crunching numbers (see ya, I-banking).  Although I am still completely undecided about the industry I want to pursue, I will be on the go. 

My trip to London was part business, part pleasure.  My class and I visited the Danish Chamber of Commerce, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, HSBC and Wimbledon, but also saw the sights of London and spent time loving the nightlife.  It almost felt like dress up, wearing constricting suits in dark colors and sensible heels (gag), remembering that perfume is frowned upon in meetings and that the CFO of Wimbledon has better things to do than discuss debentures and sponsorships with 20-somethings. 

In two years, though, this is going to be “real life.”  Suits are going to make up a serious part of my wardrobe, and I will be being paid a real salary because of the work I will do for a company.  I will be focusing on promotions and opportunities, deadlines and budgets, not midterms and class schedules. 

I must say, after being in school since age three, I am really, really excited for the next chapter to start.  Just not too soon.

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